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~ Trade Coin ~

Are You A Coin Collector?

Late in 2001, the La Crete and Area Chamber of Commerce of La Crete, AB issued a 2002, 38mm, enameled, bimetallic municipal trade token, valid until Sept. 30, 2002.
    The brass coloured centre of the obverse side of the token shows the La Crete logo, which consists of three pine trees in front of the sun, with two sheaves of wheat at the bottom. "$10" is superimposed on the bottom of the middle pine.
    "LA CRETE & AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE" is around the top. "REDEEMABLE AT PARTICIPATING/MERCHANTS UNTIL SEPT. 30th, 2002" is around the bottom part of the token.
    The reverse side pictures the logo of Norpine Auto Supply, which shows the word "NORPINE" in which the "I" has been replaced by a pine tree. The letters have been enameled in black and the tree is in green. The date "2002" is just above the logo. "AUTO SUPPLY" is just below the logo. "SERVING THE NORTH SINCE 1972" is around the top. "AUTO, FARM, TRUCKS & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY" is around the bottom edge of the token. The total mintage is only 1000 tokens.
    The 38mm bimetallic token has an aluminum-bronze, brass coloured core, 26mm in diameter, with a cupro-nickel ring which is 6 mm wide. Aluminum bronze consists of the elements of aluminum, copper and nickel.
    The token is available postpaid to Canada or USA at $22.50 each. Visa and Master Card accepted.

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