Our History

In 1971, Ben K Peters, George P Wiebe, and Bill Fehr, together with Jake Elias recognized the potential for an automotive and industrial parts supply company in the small town of La Crete, Alberta. These four purchased a lot and a small building (approx 24’x30′) from Henry Schlamp and by the end of February 1972, Norpine Auto Supply was open for business. In 1974 a new 40’x70′ building was built. In 1977 we had a fire which did a lot of damage and forced us to move back into the first building while the cleanup and damage was being rebuilt. In 1979, Jake together with his wife Eva bought out Bill Fehr.

In 1980 we installed our first computer. It weighed around 500 lbs and had a huge 10 megabytes of storage. In 1984 we added the first addition to the new building. It was also in 1984 that we rented a place and opened a store in High Level. In 1985 another addition was added to the La Crete store. In 1986 we bought the Caribou Motors building in High Level. In 1996 Jake & Eva sold part of the business to 8 long time employees. This would be the start of a new era at Norpine. Later that same year a new 10,700 sq ft building was built in High Level and in fall we moved in. In August of 2001 a new 22,500 sq ft building was started in La Crete and on Feb 6, 2002 was our first day of business in this location. We celebrated with a Grand Re-Opening on Nov 15, 2002.

In spring of 2014 we started another expansion and by April, 2015 were moved in. This time more then doubling our space giving us a total of 45,900 sq ft.

Throughout the years our ownership structure has changed somewhat but we are still owned by a group of people that all are employed by Norpine. We’re a 100% Canadian owned company and proud of it.